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Friday, 5 October 2012

IS THIS how we are meant to be ?

Hi Everyone
Fantastic sunshine again - love this start to the day ! It's making me stay at my breakfast desk too long. Another cup of coffee is necessary and I'm feeling guilty about my lack of progress. I beat myself up everyday about being too slow and non productive. This must stop - as of now, I will erase this from my thoughts and just 'be' (no matter how long it takes). My positive thoughts are now in charge !!!!

My list today is the one from yesterday - saved lots of time there. I don't have to write a new one.

I've just read a great piece from someone called Lisa Sonora Beam Article here.
She talks about her minimalist studio. Here is a photo.

In the article, she talks about her struggle to be 'minimal' in terms of resources and work/life things. This made me think about my own studio. I have a struggle with space and all the stuff I have collected over the years. Some of my stuff is never used and I don't even know what I've got in total. It's time to get rid of things big style.
Lisa provides this quote as a way of making sense of where she is and I think it's a great one to hang on to

Like Lisa, I too, like to paint on wood and have this mixed media drive to incorporate lots of diverse things into my work. I get inspired and start looking for things which may help the next project. I'm now going to look in my own stash and find new things while chucking most of it or at least recycling where I can.

To finish for this week, I've just received a great little project

This is a 'me' thing rather than a work job. Will share the results. I was going to say good or bad but the new positive me would say when I have been creative with the kit ! No value judgement required.

That's it for this week.
Bye for now.