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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Flowers (croched) or work ?

Hi Everyone
Seems a better day 'weather wise' - cold and dampish but getting brighter as the morning moved on. Generally, uplifting !
Yesterday, I had a great little experience visiting a local art venue. It's called 'the Hearth'. More information from their website HereThere is a lovely little cafe with a range of artist workspaces. Several artists were there working in their rooms- so inspiring and wonderful work. Fabulous ideas and such a welcoming feel from everyone.

This picture shows a little of the work of working in a print room - wonderful opportunity to see and talk about the work and processes with Rebecca Vincent (the artist).I will be going back to have a go in one of the workshops.
If you want more information about Rebecca's work look Here
I also spent more time on my current obsession - learning how to crochet.

As you can see, I'm making progress- slowly.
I've been looking at crescendoh Look here ( I often mention this site - loads of ideas) and came across this

I think I can make these flowers myself, I understand enough to produce the stitches.

This is lovely too, I see this type of thing in one of my paintings. My ultimate aim is to move my experiments into the paintings. Must give some time to work today. I'm having a review so the immediately required items are At the top of the 'to do'. I've had enough experimental stuff for a while. Work must happen today.

Bye for now.