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Monday, 22 October 2012

Out for a 'jolly' !!

Hi Everyone
What a very 'dreary' day it is today. The air is full of rain and fog. Most depressing weather. In order to lift my spirits I'm off to a local gallery/workshop to find some inspiration. The place is called 'the Hearth' and I came across it via a weekend visit to a food fair event. My weekend has flown by - not too much to show from the weekend.

I have a few new pieces of wood prepared for painting and I practiced some crochet. Still struggling with making the basis of my necklace (I mentioned this 17/10/12). This is my first attemp again

It doesn't look too bad here but it's too 'frilly' and does not lend itself to adding beads - I see adding beads as the main point of the exercise !
So, I need to keep trying. I am determined on this one.
I had thought I had it all worked out but ........ I am more confident and seem to understand what's gone wrong rather than why ? I see this as progress.

I've been spending a little time on the 'up cycled Aunt Jen' picture - it's not finished but here is another look. I've added several more layers of paint - white and purple. I have some little metals things to add. I want to give more texture with some glass beads and a few thick 'drippy' lines. I think I will add a purples boarder around the sides - maybe not all around but will check out how it ' feels'. Maybe the colour will not work but I think it will.

I will aim to spend more time on this picture later today. I will also spend a bit more time than usual on FROM SCTRATCH (the book) - its taking shape as a book with a 'story' and I need to keep it going at a pace.

Other things like Christmas stuff and stocking the shop need doing ? I think a day planning would go down well. I find if I have a written plan things 'happen'.

Will report on my trip to the Hearth tomorrow.

Bye for now.