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Monday, 8 October 2012

Tags and Chocolate Weekend

Hi Everyone
Another lovely day - lots of sunshine and blue sky's .
I've been busy with some friends this morning, discussing and planning new business opportunities. Very exciting.
I've also had a great weekend, doing nothing very much. I'm exhausted ! Not sure how ?
My only work thing has been making some tags for an order. I've enjoyed doing these tags and have lots of ideas for more.

I love the idea of using old recycled folders - the quality of the card is great and makes the product feel good. I'm going to make more with lots of different messages and finishes. Hope to get the in the shops soon.

I also managed to finally, serve my chocolate pudding recipe. I served these lovely chocolate things up for Sunday dinner. I have the very same glasses.

I added some raspberries and a flake to my version. My boys loved them. When I make them again, I will reduce the milk content - this will make the 'drink' more of a pudding.Here is the recipe.

Isn't this lovely - great inspiration. I just thought I would share this idea. This links my ambitions to crochet with paper. I think, even I could crochet this. My crochet skills have not moved on. I keep wanting to get on and learn but I'm not there yet.

On that note. Bye for today.