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Monday, 15 October 2012

Crochet hearts and tags

Hi Everyone
Yet again a lovely morning - blue sky and sunny. Must be cold but I'm not going out anywhere soon - I've got a horrible 'head cold' - eyes aching ,sore throat and nose running ! I've taken to my bed for a few hours with a hot lemon and honey drink. However, I've decided I'm not good at lying in bed during the day doing nothing, so am just writing this - it's a bit of a struggle but I will sleep for a while later this morning.
Last week I challenged myself to making a crochet tag in an hour - you can read the detail in my last blog. I spent lots of time over the weekend trying - much more than an hour ! I had relative success. I did improve my crochet skills but its not quite there yet.

This is the project picture- lovely and highly skilled work.

Other than the first picture all the other efforts are mine. The better examples use a quality wool and the the last uses hemp thread - I've tried lots of times to get the heart right. No chance. I need much more experience with the pattern. However, I have learned the difference between single and double crochet. I have also found I do like the process and will keep going.

With my new found enthusiasm, I have found another example of a great crochet heart - looks simpler but I've not tried it yet Technique here
Here's a few lovely images of the hearts

Fabulous colours and seems easy - there's a video too. Take a look.

Not sure what I will achieve today ? I hope to try the new heart approach and would like to draw an insect in my new journal - featured in my last blog.

Will report any progress tomorrow .

Bye for now.