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Friday, 19 October 2012

'Aunt Jen' moves on !

Hi Everyone
It's another damp morning today - looks and feels cold ! No sunshine at all - I will need a ' kick-start' to get going this morning.
It's almost the weekend again, not sure where the days go - this week has flown by ! Not sure what's in store for us this weekend ? However, today I'm busy with one of my new business clients again and have been doing some prep. - I will share the exciting news about a new online shop coming soon. I'm doing some support work for developing the shop. The online shop will be a Folksy member and I will add a link from here.
Last night, I spent some time adding to the recycle project 'Aunt Jen' - it's developing but still in very early stages

I've added some extra elements and some colour. I like what's happened so far.

More news - a very exciting package arrived yesterday.

Lots of crochet hooks in different sizes. Regular readers will know about my current obsession with crochet. These hooks will open up my options.

I did intend to make a crochet border for a picture. I didn't manage this yesterday but I hope I can squeeze it into the weekend. I'm off to our local wool shop (Treacle)Link here
I've just noticed they are having a sale !!!!
I need to find some interesting yarns to play with. I have some ideas of making some items for my pictures- so will have that in mind when I'm tempted by the sale !!!
I think that's about it for this week. Have a great weekend whatever you are doing. See you next week.
Bye for now