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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Dolls Galore

Hi Everyone
I can report another mixed day of sunshine and showers. There is also a cold wind. I've been shopping for kids stuff and am pleased to be back home. It's taken most of my available time today. I've given myself a treat with a big cup of coffee.
I have my list of things to do which include some more words for my book. I am trying to move the book on every day. All is going well to date. I do feel the pressure even though its self imposed. I guess this is how I work best. Linked to this idea - I have a new piece of work planned based on one of the drawings I shared a few blogs ago. Here it is again for reference

I'm going to call the new work (based on this drawing) 'Aunt Jenny '. I've chosen the name in memory of my Aunt (who created the original drawing).
I'm linking this idea of working to a deadline as part of the piece.Aunt Jen, looks (to me) as if she has a deadline and thrives on such things !! I hope I can do justice to the original piece. I like the idea of using various fabrics in the dress. Not sure how this will work but I will play with the idea.

I saw this photo of three girls in shorts in the Pininterest links - I love these shapes. These dolls have also prompted me to redo a few of my Papersac Village people. Ive re drawn some shapes and will work on them over next few weeks.
Talking about dolls, another fantastic example of the doll can be found in Sarah Strachans work. I've mentioned her before but this is another one of her latest pieces Sarah Strachan

These dolls are dressed from inspiration from famous dress designers. Take a look at her site and be amazed at the quality of her art.
Another lovely thing to browse is this lovely work Article on Frankly
Here are a few images of work from the shop.

That's it for today. Bye for now.