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Friday, 26 October 2012

Crochet can be COOL !

Hi Everyone
There seems to be a little optimistic crack in the clouds this morning - it's still drizzling but I sense a tiny bit of sunshine behind a break in the clouds. Fingers crossed !

Today, is a teacher training day and the kids are at home. We need to buy school shoes and pack for a weekend camping with the scouts ! Glad I'm not going - say no more on that. However, as a result, my work programmes has closed down.

Yesterday, I made some progress with my new paintings and a bit of my book as well as a few Christmas things. I do have my work schedule for Christmas worked out and I will just get on. The only issue is sticking to the original design brief. I seem to have an inability to stick to each design and creative development takes over, the upshot is - time wasted and the work output drops !!! Such as life.

Exciting news on the crochet front. A friend contacted me to highlight a crochet session coming up at our local wool shop - Treacle. I mentioned the shop last week Shop site here it's exactly what I need so will sign up. It's taking place 1/12/12 and looks good from the picture. The workshop is called 'Introduction to Freeform Crochet Workshop'

I've not done any crochet practice for a few days. I'm missing the challenge - will do some more this evening. The idea of the course has made me look for examples of ' free form crochet' - sounds like my stuff already. I never know what will happen until I've finished - fingers crossed and my imagination can turn the results into something convincing. I do 'live on the edge' with crochet !

On another completely different subject, I came across this fantastic image

It's one of Suzi Blu's paintings - I love this type of thing. It's another huge inspiration for one of my new paintings. The face is unlike most of her work. She tends to concentrate on pretty faces. I think this one is wonderful and just as good as the pretty faces. Here's a pretty one for comparison.

The pretty sample here is lovely but I still think the other is much more interesting. Love it.

My last offer today is also hugely inspirational. Yet again, it's crochet related. I couldn't believe it when I saw this

Apart from the fantastic model ! - the necklace is CROCHET. Fantastic stuff. This is my kind of crochet. The work can be found here Shop The designer is called Aliquid. The photos are stunning and the choice of colours used in the jewellery are amazing. Love it. I want to make a necklace like this. There is 'my problem' ! One day - I will get there.

Next week, we are away on a family holiday. This is our annual outing to Whitby in North Yorkshire. It's Goth Week in Whitby during our visit. Huge opportunity for some 'scary' inspiration. I hope to take lots of photos and may get a few blogs in over the week. Have a great weekend.

Bye for now