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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Insects and Christmas ? How did that happen ?

Hi Everyone
Very dreary today - light rain and dark. The weather does not encourage me to go out !Lots to do inside, so I'm OK.
Ive had lots of stuff printed. Christmas stuff - cards/tags etc. all to be hand finished and individualised with embellishments. I wish I could leave this until a few weeks before 'the day' but sadly, the market is here and now.
I did manage a few insects in my mini journal

I'm going to give the insects names and will keep adding extra things as I feel I need to. I love this little project. I think the book will go on for years and this is the thing I will take on my mini holidays. I'm always looking for a small kit pack which can travel. I hope this will be an experimental thing. Wonderful.
Also added a little embellishment to the inner front cover

The treatment on the inner cover is white wallpaper style - chandeliers are embossed into simple white printer paper. The result is brilliant. I will add some extras as I'm inspired.
I also made a new drawing of a winter Papersac village inspired by my recent visit to the Hearth Art Centre and Rebecca Vincent's work. It's just a first sketch

I will re draw on white paper and add some colour. I have created an angel to add

Again this is a first sketch. I need to transfer the images to a larger piece of wood ( I think wood would work well for this painting) and adapt the scale of each sketch. This will be the first of 2 new paintings. The other is still in this first sketch phase too

I like the tissue deer on the skirt. I also think I see the deer 'swirling' around the doll - somehow ?
Must get on. Just writing here has given me lots of little ideas for these paintings. I should write them down before they go !
Bye for today.