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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New Doll for Christmas

Hi Everyone
It's raining today - what a difference to the whole atmosphere of the day !
Still struggling with my head cold and am involved in volunteer work this morning. Hope I can get through the morning without sneezing myself to death .

Yesterday, I did very little ( the head cold !). I practiced my crochet - not sure it's improved although I do feel more confident about the stitches I'm making

I was trying to make a heart for the centre. The first one was more like a flower. My last attempt

It's more like a heart but a way off being acceptable ! I will keep trying.

My next production is going OK - I started a new doll for a Christmas thing- I had a very different idea when I started but its changed my mind now. This is an initial sketch - I hope to add a 'ice' like feel with some circling deer in sheer paper ? just an idea at the moment. I like the plan and will try out some options

I took this last night in the wrong light so it's not a good photo. I hope the piece will be quite tall with lots of different techniques included
Just as an idea of height the doll is 2x A5 sheets.

That's it for today.
Bye for now.