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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Are 'Job Bags' the answer ?

Hi Everyone
Another day and I should be there with the Gray Collection. Despite my challenges yesterday, I did push on with the project. I believe my success is the new approach of creating individual 'job bags' which have mini tasks per bag. Basically, Ive broken down the jobs into micro tasks which can be completed in short bursts. As my life is juggling lots of things at once, this approach works well.

Great news - the new bead design from yesterday is to be 'The Biscuit'. Here it is again :

My first practical task, yesterday, was to add the ring element to one of the ring stones. I'd decided to cut into the clay and embed three silver bands into the stone. However, I needed Plan B. The photo explains why :

This is Plan B. I carved out a channel for the silver bands.

I stuck the silver bands in place.

When the glue set, I filled in the holes and the channel with clay and baked it.

More painting and re baking followed by polishing. I like the progress so far.

I also made the remaining beads for another necklace and bracelet which will bring the Collection to 15 pieces.

All the elements are now there - other than some silver work. My plan is to get the silver stuff completed today.

Thanks for reading.