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Friday, 13 June 2014

Good and bad news

Hi Everyone
Yesterday was a mixed day for me, lots of sunshine so my day should have been good ! I always measure my mornings potential by levels of sunshine. For some reason, I had a frustrating day and full of 'wobbles' - about almost everything I did. Lots of doubts about my work and overwhelmed by minor household commitments. Things came to a head around 2pm and I decided to stop, have a coffee and review my lists for the day. Post review, I came to the conclusion that I'm not 100% happy with the current collections jewellery designs (especially those with clasps).That's it !!!! Not sure why this minor issue caused me to 'flip' (in a very small way). On reflection, it's been a positive experience and I feel I can move on, informed, into my next work designs. I still have a few tasks to complete on the current set and will get those done. All things are possible and changes can/will be made. Here are a few photos of the better bits :

Clasps attached to the bracelet from yesterday.

Tiny silver clasps - (big success) created yesterday.

A new pair of small stud/hook hybrid earrings. This was the best bit of my creative day. I really like these earrings.

Clasps on one of the Button Collection necklaces.

The crimp issue that Ive been batting on about all week seems to have resolved itself (in my head) - the technique is redundant in my current designs because I tend not to use thin wire threading. My initial interest was with using the crimp on stretch thread. I'm going to speak with the folks that published the advice (from 6/6/14 post) and check my understanding of the detail. Generally, I have been left with a 'not for me' view of crimps.

Now for a positive outcome to share - the blue Button bracelet I made a few days has been worn for 2 days and is fabulous - I love it. Here it is -matching my dress really well (you can just see my dress under the denim apron). So difficult to take a good photo while wearing jewellery - without help.

Well, another week gone. Ive coped OK with my little boy in Belgium. He comes home tomorrow, I'm sure this has something to do with my difficult day.
Have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.