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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Hair bun chat etc.

Hi Everyone
Well - life on the deck was very short lived yesterday - after a very brief shopping trip the rain started and that was that. However, I did manage to do my Make Art Monday on Monday ! - a first for me. Here it is :

The point of the Make Art Monday project (for me )is to generate new ideas and begin to experiment. So far it's working to a point - I think, I will start to use the experiments to plan new larger/detailed paintings and incorporate ideas that work.

I want to get my Gray Collection organised this week and am concentrating on making sure the elements are all there. I mentioned yesterday, the need to organise the photo shoot for the Collection - this will determine if I need more pieces and/or any other work. So today, that's what's going on. I was hoping the sun would come out and help me organise something on the deck ! The jury is still out - it's early so there's still time !

Other news - Ive put together a very quick 'hair bun' board on Pinterest. I'm still not sure Ive got lots of options for myself - my hair is long but lots of the styles need much thicker hair and little or no wind ! I do like the 'messy bun' approach but this is my favourite style, it's not the messy bun and I'd need a hairdresser to make it work.

Sometimes, the messy bun works but often it doesn't. This is the messy bun :

When my hairs clean and freshly washed the whole thing drops. I'm trying out some ideas Ive found from Pinterest . Ive long been thinking about hair jewellery and it's the perfect opportunity to develop something for the messy hair bun. Watch this space.

Thanks for reading