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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Progress Chat

Hi Everyone
My Day 3 of Make Art Monday has moved on the piece this week and I'm now down to fine details. I'm reasonably happy with the background.

I'm looking to add a bit more orange and I like to include the word of the week - this week it's POWER.

The Button Collection designs are complete and I have 5 key designs. All the pieces are different because the button beads are individual and each combination is unique. The only design which may find its way into the collection is a simple elastic bracelet (my favourite construction). However, the basic collection idea is finalised. I will only make limited editions of the collection but it's been a good exercise and I learned lots about how I want to work my designs. I want to develop a solid portfolio of photos and a background storyboard for the collection. I will then try and use this production structure for all the future collections I produce.

This is a quick peak but I'm working on the Collection portfolio today so will have some more photos soon.

Alongside these pieces, I'm developing some little fabric bags for each item. Each bag will be made from scratch and have a hand produced fabric design. I will try out a few samples but generally the bags will start out as a simple piece of cotton fabric. Here is what we have at the moment.

The bad size is there - this size will accommodate all the individual pieces. Ive drawn some simple lines in orange with wax pencil. I'm going to seal the colour with heat and then make up the draw string. I will try out some ideas for decorating the bag with some little Button beads.

Thanks for reading.