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Friday, 6 June 2014

New Work Report

Hi Everyone
Another week gone by .......... , I know it's not very original but this occurs to me most Fridays when I'm writing this blog. Not sure what that says ?

My day yesterday, was quite productive ! I did lots of 'production organising' as well as moving on each element of the Gray collection. To help organise my collection images I've organised a Pinterest Board for the Gray Collection and will add images of the pieces as they are completed. Take a look - you can use the link on this blog.

As with all these things, The Collection has grown. Yesterday, I completed the broach element and made another as a by product. I like the new broach - it's a slightly different take for the Gray Collection and moves the surface design into something new.

I used the magnet idea again. The texture on the broach was made with a texture plate which Ive had for ages and never used. I can see it's got lots of potential. Here it is :

I've never used texture plates and I really like the effect and will be looking out for more.

There was a little bit of clay left from my broach work, so, I made a new bead.
I used two small, coloured bits and textured both with the new plates. I hadno particular plan but they worked out well. I sandwiched them together and recoloured/baked them with blue acrylic. My plan is to string this bead onto a short necklace.

The bead itself is quite small, probably the size of a 5p although twice as thick.

Perhaps, a custom eye pin can be made to attach the bead like a charm to my necklace idea.

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for reading.