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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Magnet success

Hi Everyone
I had a busy day with family stuff yesterday but managed a little work with the Gray Collection. There seems to be 15 elements to date - not sure how that happened ? For some reason, I need more to round it up to 20 ! I think an extra broach would be good - not sure what else ?

I also managed some work with crimps. I had wanted to use crimps with one of the necklace designs. My initial idea was to cover the crimps with a bead, hoping the crimps would give a secure finish to the leather string. I have a range of size crimps but they were all too small. In the end, I glued the leather into the covering beads. Not entirely satisfactory (for me) although it does seem secure. I need to continue with my search for the perfect crimp style idea for this job.
Here is the necklace so far.

Ive also been wearing the basic broach item for the Gray Collection all day. I used a magnet 'pinning' idea and wanted to know if it would stay in place. It's brilliant. I forgot that I was wearing it until going to bed. The broach does still need a final design but I'm thrilled with the magnet. I will definitely be using this technique again.
This is how the broach started (6)

I added some acrylic paint and rebaked - here it is now with the magnets.
The magnet is baked into the clay so is not going anywhere.

The broach front has been textured and the paint highlights the effect. This is a close up but I'm not sure what to do now ? I like some of the texture and had intended to add additional clay shapes. The current effect looks a bit 'dirty' rather than artistic so may just polish it out. There is something attractive about the simplicity. Will ponder this for today.

and here it is on me (firmly secure on my dress)

Thanks for reading.