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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Glue Issues

Hi Everyone
I got to work on the memory bracelet idea, yesterday. In my little kit that came from Beadalon, the are some end beads. The end beads attach to the each end of the bracelet and really finish off the item well.

I thread a whole bunch of my own spare beads - most were much too big but gave me a starting point and I think I need about 3 spirals of wire to create my bracelet. The idea is to add an end bead and then add my beads. This would only work if the beads are quite small or the threading hole is very small. My spare beads all had holes which would slide over the end bead.This little experiment gives me a definite plan for the development of some suitable beads. I did think about using seed beads from my stash but couldn't quite bring myself to using manufactured beads. I'm not sure why I have lots of 'stash' beads because I never use them ? I followed advice from the kit pack about sticking the bead end and leaving overnight. I also made a loop at the other end with a view to adding a charm.

This morning the end bead 'fell off' ! I always seem to have this problem with sticking jewellery components. I have other glues so will test them out. I'm a bit disappointed. Never mind. I will move on and do a bit of research re glues.

Other news - I have managed to create an image for my Make Art Monday painting. My idea is to print my image onto some fabric paper and add a painted layer or two. Ive used a photo editor to develop my image and included imaginative words - linked to the key word 'essence'.

Let's see what turns out today ? I'm hopeful I can get the print the way I want it.

Thanks for reading