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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Hearts and sunshine

Hi Everyone
I had quite a good day yesterday. The weather is wonderful at the moment - it feels almost like being on holiday ! I don't need much distraction (generally) and in addition to the weather, there's more tennis at Queens Club on TV. I love watching tennis but it does stop me getting things done. Combined with the weather - Ive had real issues getting through my lists. The job bags are helping me achieve something but I must work harder today.

I managed to complete the Make Art Monday piece for this week. The word for this week is HEART. This is my effort :

I created a 'canvas' using a calico and gesso base. I used acrylic paints and created a layer of 'free hand' stitching (on a machine). There's also a few die cut words on there. I try and do something completely different each week and aim to use different materials/tools. I really enjoy this weekly challenge.

I also made/ partially made these items :

Looking at the colours is a reminder of sunshine !

I need a few findings to complete. This was another crimp experiment but I ended up not using crimps again ! I seem to find crimps a real challenge !
I used some crimp covers on this piece to keep the bead on the thread (where the clasp fits). My supply of crimps are not big enough to use instead of the knot. The covers will cover a knot and this seems to replace the crimp. I feel the knot is more reliable. Perhaps, I need a crimp expert to convince me of the job of the crimp ! I can see its application for a fine wire but am struggling with any of my designs.

Thanks for reading.