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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Paper Beads

Hi Everyone
Little progress on the memory bracelet to report. Ive found some beads in my stock for the first of two bracelets I'm planning but I didn't have time to make my Fimo beads (for the second bracelet) yesterday - I'm hoping today will give me time to do the job. These are the beads Ive chosen for the first bracelet.

Bit boring - I'm obsessed with 'blue' ! The thing is, I almost always wear something blue and I like denim - say no more ! I'm planning on incorporating a few clay beads from my stock - if they work. The beads on the right are 'greenish' - so not completely blue !

Ive spent most of yesterday completing several Button Bead orders and managed to finish them all. Although, I'm not ruling out anymore Button beads - for now I think they need to move over and make space for new ideas. Ive enjoyed creating the Button Bead range - I seem to wear them myself all the time. The ideas have moved on and Ive learned lots from the process. Here is a peak of one of the pieces.

Moving on ....... Ive long been interested and attracted to paper beads. Ive made a couple of successful pieces myself and for some reason I'm fascinated by paper beads.

Ive seen some great examples made by African women and been in awe of their skills and colour choices. Many look amazing in multiple strands in lovely colours. A range of paper beads appeared in my regular Pinterest newsletter yesterday, this set me off on a very long trail of discovering incredible paper beads. Ive created a new board to collect my favourite designs. My only reservation about paper bead making is the time and physical (finger pain) effort involved. I can go with a single bracelet or at a push a necklace (with larger beads) but I'm not sure I could commit to a whole collection. With this in mind, I was thrilled to see a basic paper bead making machine made by a guy (request from his wife) and selling on Etsy and Ebay. Etsy link here It looks great. Take a look in my Pinterest board for inspiration about paper beads.

Thanks for reading.