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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How to organise your mind.

Hi Everyone
Life is back to calm - I had a great day of work yesterday and I feel I'm on track with my jobs. Organised lists = organised mind for me. Once the job is written down and prioritised, I'm relieved of the responsibility for remembering ! Somehow, the jobs just get done much quicker ? I need self discipline to keep it going. Another problem for me ! ..... but it worked yesterday. One day at a time.
I reworked the bracelet from yesterday and turned it into this :

I like the improvements - it feels as of its a better quality item. I also made the necklace from this small collection. I'm calling the collection The Tube Collection. Here is a view of the necklace. It has a very simple slip over fastening with a small knot.

Here I'm wearing the necklace over a work apron - testing it out for work mode ! I ended up making some round beads to sit between the tubes. I did have the necklace constructed without the round beads but felt it didn't quite work. I like the idea but the tubes need to be more uniform for the simple threading to work. I will do another without the round beads. For this version, I need to add some seal and polish the beads but so far, I like it.

Moving on, I came across a great polymer cane yesterday. I'm not usually over keen on 'canes'. Having said that, it's like saying I'm not keen on bread ! I'm talking rubbish. There are so many different variations. However, in my defence - what I'm saying is I prefer simple, less busy combinations of clay colours and patterns together. My prejudice is based on personal past experience - I need to be open to ideas and new experiences !! Having defended myself, these are the canes that have changed my mind.

These canes come from some called Laura Tabakman - here is her facebook page - I'm inspired to have a go. I see them turning into hollow beads and threaded on my favourite elastic. I'm keen to try out the technique. There are no instructions with this example. But I'm confident I know how to make a similar version (at this stage). If all goes well, I will share my project.
I also completed the first layer of my weekly Make Art Monday project. The word this week is POWER. Here it is so far :

Thanks for reading.