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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Plan B

Hi Everyone
Another day and my great work schedule has gone ! I did some volunteer work which managed to destroy my whole day. However, it's back on track with today's objectives.
My priority list tells me I need to complete the Gray Collection necklace and bracelet. Ive had a design problem with completing the fastening part of both items. I have tried to use a crimp style closure and my last few weeks of blogs have documented the journey. Last night, I decided It was time to try another idea. My plan B is to use a thin thread binding with glue to secure the loops. The simple solution would be to knot the threading - however, the fine leather material does not knot well (minor cracks appear) and the piece of jewellery (for me) does not suit the style. When the binding is in place, I will cover with a crimp. This latest idea seems like it will work and is what I was after in the first case. Fingers crossed. Here are the items which need the treatment as described :

My second job (of the day) is to work on my Make Art Monday Project. I did a little extra yesterday. My plan was to add a layer each day. This is day 2 :

Ive added the navy blue mix. I'm not sure what will happen next ?

My last job will be to produce some little fabric bags which will encase the button bead earrings. My plan is to produce the bags from simple beige cotton with a hand printed design (stripes) and a draw string closure. I will keep the earrings on their cards which will fit into the bags. Here is a sample card.

This job should be an easy design. I hope to produce a template which can be used for future bags. Ive got a good picture (in my head) of what the final item will be - hopefully I can make it work. I will make a prototype and see. I should have an actual picture at the end of the day.

Thanks for reading.