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Monday, 9 June 2014

The NAME of the BEAD ?

Hi Everyone
What a day - Ive been up since 5.30am, our little boy has gone to Brussels this morning for a week and we sent him off in bright sunshine. It's now drizzling and feels like the end of the day and it's only 8.45 am ! Ive already put the washing out and then taken it in. Such as life.

Last week was a big push to complete the Gray Collection and it's getting there ! Another few days and that will be that !
I created a little extra bead along with the Collection and have been wearing it all weekend. I think it needs a bit of tweaking but I'm attached to it already. I need a name for the bead. Will work on a name today.

Not a brilliant photo but you get the idea. I'm definitely going to develop the bead technique - perhaps in different colours with different surface designs. I'm sure the idea would be good for bracelets and rings using varied sizes. Here's a close up for reference.

I spent quite a while organising work towards the end of last week and I'm now ready to get sequence photos and arrange the individual piece stories etc. (For THE book). This exercise has been valuable and I will incorporate it into my working practice, long term.

I'm not sure what my objectives are this week. The different routine with one child away will upset the norm and I will need a few days to adjust. No matter how I try and convince myself, my 'inner parent' sense is giving me grief !!! I need to keep busy. Should be easy ? (I'm not convinced - yet) loads of jobs as usual. Also lots of tweets and photos en route courtesy of the trip leader (not sure this is helpful but I love it all the same).

The Make Art Monday theme for this week is HEART. Lots of ideas come to mind for me - so I may complete today.

I hope to get a bit of practice with crimps too. I'm going to try out the procedure outlined on 4/6/14. I will report my findings. Not sure what else is in store - need to check my emails and sort out my work journal !
PS The sun is out again !

Thanks for reading