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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

What about crimps ?

Hi Everyone
Guess what ? - my work schedule has gone out of the window. Yesterday, the weather was also wet and dry every 10 mins. I'm blaming the weather on poor production !!!

I managed to do nothing at all in terms of work - other than looked in my production box and noted what I need to do next. It's quite empty at the moment.

Top of my list is a few experiments with crimps. Crimps are not something Ive got lots of experience with and I would like to understand how much they could help with elastic bracelets as well as the obvious necklace use re securing fastenings/ threading.
I recently read a tutorial suggestion from Bead Shop Scotland. I'm not sure where on the site the advice is but it suggests :

1)Measure on your own wrist to check fit.
2)Add a crimp. Don’t squash it yet!
3)Keeping the strung crimp on your forefinger,
stretch the elastic threaded through it and pop
the other end through the crimp to make a circle
4)Draw the ends together so that the beads are
tight but the elastic isn’t stretched.
5)Using the chain nose pliers squash the crimp
firmly flat
6)Trim the ends with scissors.

I'm not entirely sure about third instruction but will give it a go, I will let you know how I get on. This site has a few free jewellery tutorials and very useful tips. Take a look.
PS - I'm not on commission !

Thanks for reading