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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Disappointing Results

Hi Everyone
I had a mixed day yesterday. Some tasks worked well but the crimp experiment failed completely. I wasted lots of time on it and I'm even less convinced than ever about crimps !!!

I wanted to make a simple, elastic bracelet and followed the instruction list (from 4/6/14).I can only think, Ive not understood the instructions.

Here is the picture story of what I did :

Beads threaded onto elastic with a crimp.

Elastic stretched through the crimp.

Elastic pulled to draw beads together.
Crimp ready to be flattened.

I put a dab of cement glue over the flattened crimp before adding the cover.

The completed bracelet - looks great.

HOWEVER, I missed out a photo of the beads scattering all over the floor - just after trying for the first time. On this photo Ive collected them all - fortunately, I was indoors. It still took ages to locate all the beads.

This is the silver crimp cover showing the elastic severed. I'm fairly sure the crimp cover is beyond salvaging ! I think the metal crimp has literally cut the elastic. The remnants of my work show a clean cut.

I was pretty disappointed and after a cup of coffee, re threaded the bracelet using my tried and tested technique. I will continue using my own technique for the elastic bracelet. Here it is :

I've not given up on crimps but (for me) this job requires another approach.
Good news too - I reused the silver crimp cover and decided to add another (simply decorative) to add balance to the design.

Thanks for reading.