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Friday, 27 June 2014

Reflection Friday

Hi Everyone
Another week gone by so quickly - each Friday, I find myself wondering what Ive managed to achieve in my little personal development journey ? It's a habit thing, as I prepare to write the thought literally pops into my head. This week, I think, it's been a milestone for my Collections (projects) as I call them. Ive got a process of working which can be applied to all my current and future projects. I'm documenting this process for my book but I'm amazed how much clearer things are, after seeing them on a page. I know I'm a visual learner (way back with a teacher hat on, I did several years of work with learner styles). This framework is literally a chapter in my book and I can see the words and pictures on the pages. More will be revealed in time !

It's also the last day of my Make Art Monday project for this week. I'm adding a final layer today but this is yesterday's effort.

Yes, it's a deliberate move to write the word like that !

I want to. Embed the word somehow ? Not sure how I will do this at the moment ? I need to look at it for a while.

I made the basic little bag prototype for the Button Collection. I need a cord and a tag and I will see how it looks. I like the feel of the bag. Ive got an idea to put a Button Collection (5 items) together, stored in little bags on a hooked frame. I like the bag idea for pretty storage and think the frame part works as a picture which I see mounted on the wall. If I had a dressing room ! I could put it in there. As I don't, it would fit perfectly near my wardrobe and look pretty. I'm planning to do this - will share the photos when I'm there.

This last item will fit into the bags and is one of the Button Collection necklaces. I wore this one yesterday to check out how practical it is when working. It's great - so light and easily slips down in front of my apron (constant work companion ie the apron) I love the orange. It really 'shouts out' against a dark dress. I also really like the artistic wire clasp. I made this one myself and it's such a study clip.

Well, that's it for this week.

Have a good weekend.
Thanks for reading.