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Monday, 16 June 2014

Memory Wire and lavender

Hi Everyone
We had a lovely but busy weekend. I'm ready for a rest ! Lots of family stuff - tales of the Belgium trip and Fathers Day. In a rare free moment I found myself browsing on Pinterest and came across a number of lovely bracelets using memory wire. I immediately created a Pinterest board and started to think about the possibility of making some myself.
Here's a small collection from my board

I was inspired by the colours and the simplicity of the designs. Ive also watched a few You Tube examples of making some of the more elaborate versions of memory wire bracelets, I prefer a simple bead approach for myself but have seen some great ideas with lots of charms and chains etc. I have acquired a little kit to have a go at making a bracelet. Here it is :

I'm not sure if I have enough of my own beads available at the moment but Ive certainly got loads of seed beads which may work with a small number of my own beads. I'm quite excited about trying this today. I'm wondering which colour to go for ? I guess it depends on what colours I can find in my bead stock. I MUST complete my current Collections but I will try and squeeze this little job in somewhere.

The Make Art Monday word for this week is ESSENCE. My immediate thought was lavender ? Who knows why ? I have a fantastic few pots of lavender in my garden, perhaps it's that ?

I think I will use the lavender as an inspiration. Not sure where it will go ?

Thanks for reading.