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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Matt Medium 'Printing'

Hi Everyone
It looks like a lovely day today - we have a house full of a nasty flu virus so life is a bit challenging !
However, good news on the glue problem front - yesterday's second attempt to fix the memory wire ends has worked. I was sceptical but it seems secure. I glued at about 10am yesterday and checked earlier this morning so just under 24 hours. This is the glue I used. I use this glue for baked polymer clay jobs. It's always reliable for the clay but I'm unsure about using 'just' glue for any secure fastening ! I need to get over this idea !

Getting back to the memory bracelet, I will make some clay beads to complete the bracelet later today. I'm not sure about a colour ? I will choose a colour to match something I'm wearing today (when I find something). I'm planning on a batch of small, plain beads with several larger focal beads (maximum of 3). I'm not sure exactly about a bead design, this is an experimental project so I will see what comes out.

I also managed to complete the Make Art Monday project for this week. I had an idea of using a photo of growing lavender from the garden. I wanted to turn the image into a paper cloth type piece so attached an image to a small piece of cotton material using matt medium. I did quite a bit of photo editing and added a few words which (for me) are the essence (key word for this week) of the lavender I see from my work desk. I then added a layer of wax pencil in a range of colours - most of the pencil work is embedded into the piece but I was happy with the effect. I'm constantly aware of overdoing my art pieces. There's a balance but I tried to be minimal with this one. Here's a few photos of the process :

Post phot editing and printing, I used a plastic card to prime the cloth and then repeated the process attaching the printed image to the cloth. I'm drying the piece (saturated with matt medium) on freezer paper.

This is the first pencil layered stage.

This is another layer of heavy wax pencil. I'm reasonable happy with the piece. All the Make Art Monday projects are created quite quickly and my aim is to tryout ideas. So, I certainly achieved my aim of the 'matt medium print' as I'm referring to it. I will definitely use the technique for other projects.

Thanks for reading.