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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

More Spinning News

Hi Everyone
I've another new spinning story today. This is a very small amount of yarn I've produced from lots of natural dyed stuff. The original fibres were mattered  together and probabaly the kind of stuff to throw out ! However, I spent time and effort trying to  resurrect them. The colours are lovely and I've managed to spin them into yarn. The yarn has been washed and dried. It's a single ply yarn but quite chunky. I'm thinking of incorporating my new yarn into a beanie hat. I'm planning to dye some new wool fibres and then spin to complete the beanie. I will go for a single colour dye for the new yarn, I'm thinking either a mustard colour or red ? I'll ponder this for a while. Here is a quick look at the yarn :


In the meantime, I dyed the wool from yesterday. I chose a blue colour and had hoped it would be a bit darker. The dye I used was a baby blue mixed with black. The colour did darken, a little but not quite enough. My idea was to have a range of subtle blue shades working through the yarn. I did get the shades going on but I'm not sure it's what I was looking for. The dye shade looked hopeful but after dying the wool needed a deeper shade.

The final overhaul colour is a light teal mix. My inspiration for the colour came from denim and I did imagine the end knit would have a denim feel. I think I've been successful with thisI do like the colours and think it will knit up in the way I imagined. However, I need much more yarn for my knitting pattern (read back last week for a look at the pattern), and have ordered some more dye in a darker shade of blue to complete the job. I'm thinking about trying to develop a range of darker shades for the next batch.
I've decided I will go with whatever happens and be happy with it. This project is experimental and I will adapt as I go.

Thanks for calling in today.