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Friday, 20 January 2017

Paper Beads

Hi Everyone
My plans for organising my projects (from yesterday) are ongoing ! I didn't make too much practical progress but I did have some positive thinking time and feel I'm getting there. My workbooks are up to date and I'm starting to organise my stash.
In amongst the planning, I came across a range of ideas for developing my paper bead project. The Pandora style beads (look back a few days) have been successful and I wanted to explore more ideas of paper jewellery which I can develop. I've come across some lovely examples and am particularly keen to explore a few more ideas. The photo is showing how I've adapted the Pandora style beads to a hoop earring idea. I'd like to develop this further with some varied size Pandora style beads.


I also love the other beads developed from daily newspapers by a Polish artist called Alicja, living in Wiltshire. 
I'm going to spend some more time looking at more ideas and will experiment further next week.

Thanks for calling in today.
Have a great weekend.