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Monday, 16 January 2017

Yarn News

Hi Everyone 
It's quite a celebration day - I'm sharing the FIRST  batch of my own yarn today. I've managed to spin a couple of skeins of yarn - now ready for dying. I've yet to wash the newly spun yarn and I'm keen to see how that will turn out. It's a reasonable, thick ish yarn and generally an even ply. The yarn feels lovely and cosy. Can't wait to get knitting with it.


I'm not entirely sure of the yardage - I will calculate this after washing. The yarn weighs about 200gms. My big dilema is what colour to dye this yarn ? I had a plan of grey and mustard but I've reconsidered this and will possibly go for a range of navy shades. Hopefully I can get the dye job underway later today. Lots more spinning to get enough for my sleeveless jumper project ! I should probabaly spin and dye it all together but I'm going for different colour shades so it will be OK.

My second news is about the long and rather troubled Neck Candy scarf. Finally, I've finished the basic knit part. It's long enough and I'm happy with the lovely colours. I've been spending some time thinking about how I will finish the scarf and have decided on a crochet picot edge on the bottom side. The original pattern had a couple of long tassels at each end. I didn't care for this look so no tassels for me. 
I wasn't quite sure how the picot edge would work ? I've spent so much time on this project that I wanted to make sure it would work before embarking on the plan. So, I made a little sample piece to try out my idea.


I'm pleased with the sample. It's pretty and I think the beads add a lovely touch. The crochet edge gives a beautifully neat finish. I've made very hard work of this simple scarf, hopefully I'm on the last leg.

Thanks for calling in today.