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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Project Updates

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm planning to catch up with all my current projects and review my priorities. I'm juggling more projects than I'd like at the moment ! One of my resolutions for the year was to organise and plan my work more effectively  I've toyed with the idea of having a day per week for a certain named project which will allow me to work on a variety of work  at the same time ? However, I do like the freedom to be inspired when the opportunity presents itself . I need to plan this idea into my schedule.
Getting back to moment ..... I've developed my Pandora style bracelet project using the beads (from earlier this week).


I'm quite pleased with this project. My beads could be better quality but the technique works well. I've almost developed a kit for sale re the project so that's top of my work list.
I'm almost finished knitting my Neck Candy scarf - not technically work (more of a hobby) but I've developed the knitting pattern myself (adapted from a pattern by Barbara French) and the beading element is my design too - something I want to develop more of in the future. I need to block the scarf and will also do that today.

My next few projects are a less organised. I have a polymer clay bracelet project, a silver earring project, a quilled card, Art dolls and a series of unfinished wool/yarn projects. I'm going to spend a few days organising and prioritising. I love working with lots of different materials and techniques. I believe this develops my skills overall and provides opportunities for innovation. 
The introduction of spinning into my life is very exciting too. It doesn't help my 'to do' list but as I've mentioned, having new skills is always a positive for all other aspects of my work.

Thanks for calling in today.