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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Spinning Hand Dyed Wool

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a bit of a partial success today. The hand dyed yarn from last week is now being spun on my wheel. I've got just less than half of the wool to spin. I'm going for a 2 ply yarn which will be much finer than my last spin (more of a chunky yarn). It's early days but I'm quite pleased with the last spin. The colours are working well and the final yarn will be a pretty mixture of heathery colours.



I think, I'm going to knit a simple tunic with the final yarn.


I'm hoping the yarn will be fine enough for the job ! It will probably take me  a few more days to finish the spinning and then a few days for washing and drying. I will probably know if it's going to be OK by the end of the week. I will need lots more yarn to finish my tunic. So .... I will need to decide if I dye more and spin more or use a ready made yarn. 

Thanks for calling in today.