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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Poncho Blocking

Hi Everyone
I've finally managed to block my knitted poncho. This poncho has been knitted for almost three months and has been quietly waiting to be blocked. Look back  here  for more details of the story. 
Each week, I think about blocking my poncho and until yesterday, have left it at the 'thinking' stage. However, I was at my local knitting group and the very same poncho was on display- looking very impressive having been blocked and finished. I came home and immediately got to work. The job was very simple and I was left thinking - why didn't I just get on with it ? The whole process, including soaking was done in 35 mins. - (30 mins soaking time).


This knit was quite a job but I'm hoping the final item finished item will become a favourite. It's already looking smooth and I think it will drape beautifully. 
For some reason, I've had a mental block about 'blocking' - not sure why ? I suspect it's some anxiety about the length of time it takes to dry (taking up a large area of my workspace) as well as an unrealistic thought of potential felting of the wool.

 I think, I'm going to try and block knitted items immediately I complete the knitting of a project in future - a self imposed rule of knitting.

Thanks for calling in today.