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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Spinning News

Hi Everyone
Regular readers will know about my new spinning wheel (Christmas gift) - I'm super excited about this new adventure. I'm also very pleased to say I'm doing Ok BUT have lots to learn. So far, I've spun approximately 200gms of white wool fibre and another 50gm bat of hand dyed (Indigo) fibres (see photo below). I've yet to get the yarn off the bobbins and also need to wash the finished plyed yarn. I'm very pleased about my progress, to date - have I mentioned that already ?
I'm planning on dying the white fibres (no photos at this time) not sure about the colours yet - although, I'm keen on a mustard colour for some of it and possibly a light grey for the rest ? I think mustard, grey and navy will work well together. I've not identified a knit project as yet for this yarn. I'll probably mull this over for a few days before deciding.



I have another idea about knitting up a sleeveless tabard/sweater - spinning a new batch of fibres for the job. I have a pattern already (to be revealed later). So am setting my expectation pretty high for my spinning skills. I do accept the first yarn will not be especially consistent but I,m going with it. Wish me luck. Looking at the new fibres waiting to be spun is quite daunting !
 However, I was amazed at how quickly I managed to spin the first lot - this second batch is probably three times as much. I very excited about this and will be starting later today.

Thanks for calling in today.