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Friday, 13 January 2017

Spinning News - again

Hi Everyone
More news about my spinning project. I've started to spin the fibres for my new knit project which I mentioned yesterday. The spin is going OK - I have one bobbin full of single ply yarn. I need another to ply the yarn ........... and then some.


The wool fibres are not dyed and I'm still undecided about what colour I would like ? It's going great ! The fibres are from Blue Faced Leiceter sheep. I'm inspired to get my yarn ready for knitting a lovely sleeveless pullover (I notice it's called a tunic), I saw at my local knitting group. I've purchased the pattern and here it is, ready and waiting :

This tunic is lovely (up close) - it's ambitious (the spinning bit) but I'm hoping I can produce something which can be knitted. As I'm spinning, I will think about colours. Initially, I thought I would go for a brown/grey (the colour of some of my wool fibre) and a mustard colour (the undyed White which could be dyed). I'm not sure ? Will spend a few days considering what to do. When I know, I will let you know !

Thanks for calling today. Have a great weekend.