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Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Neck Candy Saga

Hi Everyone
You may have seen several posts about my Neck Candy knit project over the last few weeks. This project is a neck scarf, quite a short, simple knit in theory. However, I'm on my third version. I've actually completed two whole scarves (including blocking !). I'm hoping the third version is the one I will keep. There are good reasons why I've abandoned the first two items, I'd changed the knit stitch on the first version, using a simple Stocking stitch instead, causing too much rolling on all sides of the scarf. The second scarf ended up the wrong shape - much too thick in the centre and out of proportion. Hopefully now, I've managed to knit the design I envisaged at the begining. Having made lots of design mistakes, I've also learned more about knitting design.


Here are photos of the first two scarves. The images look very similar but when they are worn the rolling and the shape didn't quite make it !
My third version is very close to finishing, hopefully this evening will conclude the knitting part. Ive used Garter stitch and the knitting lies flat and I've extended the ends and made them thinner. I will block (again) and I also have plans to add some red beads along the bottom edge. I'm now wondering how to attach the beads and how to space them ? 
Watch this space for more on my decisions.

Thanks for calling in today.