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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

New Hand Spun Yarn

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing another hand spun yarn today. This is a lovely soft and chunky yarn, partly developed from natural hand dyed wool (Indigo). The yarn is a very early sample from my spinning journey. It was the first week of spinning for me !


I thought, at the time, my spinning was a great achievement. Having practiced throughout January, I've improved considerably and my latest spin is a much finer and more consistent yarn. However, I think this particular yarn will always stay with me as my first skein ! 
I'm not quite sure what I can knit with it ? A Beanie hat is an option but I'm also thinking about incorporating the yarn into a poncho or tunic of some kind. I'm searching for something suitable and could possibly make some stripes or blocks of the yarn within the design.

Thanks for calling in today.