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Monday, 9 January 2017

Spinning News

Hi Everyone
Great news - my Christmas present has finally arrived. 


The wheel arrived on Friday and each day (only 2) I've managed to improve my spinning skills. The image top right shows a small batch of fibres which have been dyed (by someone else) and spun. I will ply them with more yarn from a batch which I will dye, probably a mustard/green colour. The yarn on the spool was from a very rough looking selection of wool tops I purchased at a local show. The fibres were all matted together and needed lots of preparation before I could spin. However, I've learned lots about preparing the fibres into rolags for spinning, however, I'm tempted to buy some prepared stuff and have seen exactly what I need :


This little collection would keep me busy.
Getting back to my spinning, I've almost decided to make a beanie hat with my first yarn (from the batch on the wheel) - I will need to spin more but I think it would be a good start and I could wear something I've created from scratch.

Thanks for calling in today.