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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Painting Wool

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing another wool related item today, this time it's hand painted wool.

The wool was a natural white colour prior to the 'painting' process. I divided 100gms into 7 pieces which I dyed with a bright green, navy and mixed purple. Generally, the colours have turned out well, although I was hoping for a darker navy colour. In my experience, the dark navy colour always presents a challenge for me. Often, shades of red are present. I was using a new dye colour too, I try and stick with food colouring although I do have some acid dyes. Perhaps, I should try a navy with the acid dyes ?
The wool has dried beautifully and is very soft. I can't wait to blend the individual pieces. Im just going to go with a random choice of colours within the selection but will try and have a predominantly green, a blue and a purple skein (3 small skeins in all).I'm not entirely sure how the wool will spin ? I'm going for a double knit (I hope !). Wish me luck.

Thanks for calling in today.