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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Amazing Doughnut Beads

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing some fantastic beads from yesterday's Making Workshop. All our Makers approached the project with huge enthusiasm and produced some amazing results. Well done to everyone.


We will string the prepared beads onto their waxed cotton strands next time, to complete the bracelet? Most people opted for the magnetic clasp with the promise of an additional silver safety chain - this additional design element is something I've been trying to resolve for a while - hopefully wearers can be confident the bracelet will not be lost (with the addition of the safety chain).
A few Makers also decided to make additional beads to add to simple silver earring hoops. Here's a quick look at the idea :

Our Doughnut beads will be slightly larger and probably used as a single bead on the hoops. 
The Doughnut project has developed a couple of new kits and these kits will be available in my shops or via the blog. I'll announce the dates with options when the first kits become available.

Thanks for calling in today.