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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Knitting and Beading - together !

Hi Everyone
I've been experimenting with knitted/beaded jewellery over the past few weeks. I've lost count of the number of designs I've tried. However, finally, I think I've made something which I can be (almost) pleased with. It's not perfect but I know what I've got to do, in order to improve the final item.


I love the colours and the chunky feel of this bracelet. It feels good to wear.

To make the bracelet, I pre threaded a fine weight yarn with 200 beads and used a Provisional cast on (130 stitches) with a circular needle (2.25) and knitted approximately 6cms of Garter stitch, knitting in the beads in a random fashion. I then used the Russian Graft technique with a crochet hook to close a seam, forming a tube. Before completely closing the tube, I passed a length of elastic into the tube - just leaving enough space for the elastic to pass through and then be securely stitched together. The tube was then closed.
The finished bracelet is easy to wear, quite light and certainly a statement piece. I love it.
I'm working on a few more pieces so there is more to come. I want to include a necklace and earrings and possibly another few bracelets. It's proving to be addictive !

Thanks for calling in today.