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Monday, 23 January 2017

Yarn Sticks

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing another new tool today. It's something I'm calling a Yarn Stick. As the name suggests, a Yarn Stick is simply a stick which yarn can be wound around. 


You may be wondering why you would need such a thing ? Well - I've been making some knitted beaded jewellery items and have pre threaded beads onto yarn prior to knitting. In order to keep all the beads (200 +) in an orderly manner and prevent knotting, I needed some kind of stick to wind the beaded yarn around. I found myself needing to wind and unwind several times while estimating the required length of yarn. The stick came into its own several times and helped me to develop my beaded patterns during the design phase without tangling the beads.
I could have used a simple bamboo skewer or a rolled up bit of paper but my lovely big boy decided to make me a couple of pretty wooden sticks while practicing his lathe skills. The Yarn Sticks are lovely items to use and impossible to stop admiring. Lovely !

Thanks for calling in today.