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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Pandora Style Beads

Hi Everyone
I spent a little time yesterday, developing some Pandora Style beads from paper (inspired by a prompt from one of my Artist friends). The beads will form part of our next Making Workshop (next week) so I was thinking about a group activity rather than making the beads for myself. The techniques, tools and process need to be tried and tested before I am happy to launch the project with a group. I was particularly keen to try a a variety of glazing ideas to give a shiney, glass like, finish which would work in a group situation. I think the beads are a success :


I eventually used Ultra Thick Embossing Powder for the finish. I tried, nail varnish and a variety of PVA glues but they didn't quite have the glass like finish I was after. The beads are relatively easy to produce but a good shape which is tightly bound with the right size hole (consistently) for the core can be tricky. Although, I used the same tools and technique for winding, all of the beads are slightly different. I like this characteristic but it may give the novice a challenge !
The finished beads are very pretty and do look very much like a Pandora bead - the variations possible, using a range of papers is very exciting. 

Thanks for calling in today.