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Friday, 27 January 2017

Knitted Jewellery Update

Hi Everyone
I've an update on the knitted jewellery project today. To date, I've made a couple of bracelets and have experimented with the idea of a pendent. After a week or so, I concluded - all my knitted samples need improving. I feel the key to knitted jewellery is the quality and choice of the finishing techniques.  Jewellery items will be looked at in detail (hopefully admired) so the design needs to be executed well. Ive tried to keep the construction simple but as I develop each sample Im suddenly aware of a way of improving it !
Here is a few images of my second bracelet (look back earlier this week for the first) - I love the colours and the fine merino wool used in the bracelet. It's very pretty and lovely to wear. Unfortunately, my construction technique does not work for me. I have a seam on the inside of the bracelet which is too prominent. I used a crochet hook to close the seam and it's too high on the rim of the bracelet. There is some movement of the knitted band which exposes this seam. I need to fix this. 

My second piece in the image is the begining of a pendent. I've developed an i-cord in cotton yarn with a sewn bead connection. I want to include lots more beading on this shape. I'm still not sure if it will work at the moment ? My plan is to bead the whole thing, add a chain and make up my mind.
It's fair to say, I've been a little frustrated with this project, lots of undoing going on the whole time. However, when something works it's very exciting. My understanding of developing patterns is coming on which is gratifying.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.