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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Reworked Project #2

Hi Everyone 
I’m on a mission to completely reorganise my Making stash. This is a lifelong ambition but every now and again, I have a determined effort to get things sorted and in some kind of order. This time, I’m deep into throwing out stuff as well as making decisions about where to focus my Making efforts. While searching in one of the boxes, I came across a necklace that was made in a short jewellery making workshop (several years ago). The necklace looks OK in my photo but it’s just not me and I would never wear it. It almost went into the bin but on further examination, the beads are quite pretty and I thought I’d like to to rework the piece into something I could wear. The job, deconstructing the necklace beads, took quite a while. However, it gave me an idea for a Making Workshop. It’s perfect for reworking a charity shop find or remaking something which doesn’t quite work for you in your own jewellery collection. 


As I mentioned, I like the beads in my necklace but I don’t care for the wire stringing (for me). I do like the idea but it doesn’t suit my style at all. The brown colour shades are also not quite me. However, I’ve taken apart the necklace and it’s waiting for a new look. I’m thinking about adding different coloured beads to alter the colour palette. I’m not sure what I want to make yet. A bracelet is probably a better idea for me although, something is telling me I need a necklace  Not sure at this stage ?


The original workshop added some little heart shaped button beads to the kit which I didn’t include in my first design but I’ve added them to the mix. I’ve also saved the findings, which are in amazingly good condition. I’ve placed my beads in a little storage box. There are several spaces available for new bead/other additions. My plan is to do a bit of research and hopefully something will inspire me. I’ll keep you informed of any progress.

Thanks for calling in today.