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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Trees and Angels

Hi Everyone
The Fabric Christmas Tree Project will be completed today. We have a Making Workshop later and the final stages of our trees will be tackled. I'm keen to embellish one of my trees with beads and embroidery. I've made a few tree samples and one of the larger  trees is ready for a bit more bling (will share he results tomorrow). One of the smaller trees (below)  is just fine as it is. I've added some message tape and the surface design is quite busy. I've embroidered a little tree in gold but it doesn't need anymore. The trees will be planted today in newspaper with a herb topping with a twig as a trunk ! I've used Rosemary which smells wonderful.


In addition to the trees, I've developed a few new beaded Angels for either earrings, pendents or tree ornaments. The Angels have been a feature of Christmas Makes for a while and each year, I use a slightly different selection of beads. This year, I'm using little glass bells in some of the designs. I have a wide range of components for a workshop (in a few weeks) which will allow Makers to develop their own designs. Here is a quick peak at the initial batch :


Thanks for calling in today.