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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Think Folk Art and plans for chocolates at breakfast !

Hi anyone
been a mixed weather day - bright and fresh plus heavy downpour (only 5mins). Busy day for me with kids at home (no school re strike) - been battling to turn of computers/TV all day. Also had loads of orders to post - big thank you to everyone who has bought my stuff - its been the busiest year ever !
Am thinking (very quickly) about setting up our annual Advent thing ! - kids would like a tacky chocolate/paper thing but I am sticking to a more 'tasteful' approach - I have my Advent Tree Christmas Wood (sold the original but I have another) to dress each day and I'm going to make a whole display - will share my pictures later - will finalise after kids have gone to bed (they still like a surprise and the 'treat' of a cholcolate at breakfast is amazingly exciting to them).
Was not allowed to do any painting in the end !! - so there you are. Not sure what planet I am on sometimes.
On a more inspiring note - I was intrigued to see a Twitter about folk art. I often refer my work syle as folk art so I've been looking forward to finding out what the article was about. Its by Frankly (part of Folksy) and is really interesting. I am much inspired to draw some of the images from the article. Love the name of the place ie.Compton Verney. Take a look at the whole piece and be inspied too :

I love the big key and the general simple lines/qualities.

Bye for now.