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Friday, 4 November 2016

Another Knit Project

Hi Everyone
I'm well into yet another new knit project. However, it's not knitting as you know it ! The project is a chunky cardigan made using 25mm needles. The needles are huge. It's quite a challenge to use them.


The cardigan is a kit from Wool and The Gang - a lovely soft 100% Peruvian wool in a tweedy mix of black white and brown. The cardigan is quite a large item (320m of yarn) and I only started it yesterday afternoon but am almost finished the knitting part. It's knitted in two parts which are sewn together with a seam down the back. I like the shape and it's given me lots of ideas about potential new projects.
Although, the knit process is very quick - knitting with such large needles is quite a physical thing. It's not a leisurely, relaxing process. I find I'm quite tired after an hour or so. However, I'm quite excited about finishing (probably today).

Have a great weekend.
Thanks for calling in today.