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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

New Knit Project

Hi Everyone
I'm looking forward to going to my regular Knit Group today and I've got a new project. I started this project while returning from a little break last Saturday. Ive not tried knitting while traveling as a passenger in a car before. I thought it would make me feel sick, I can't manage reading ! However, it worked OK, anything very complicated wouldn't work for me but my project uses large needles and big wool. I made good progress and the time passed very quickly, brilliant.
My project is yet another poncho, here it is :


This poncho is a kit from Wool and The Gang. I've made their kits before and they always work beautifully. This poncho is made in two identical pieces which are then sewn together. I've made the front/back and have started the second side.
A few days should be all I need to finish. It's a very satisfying knit and I look forward to wearing my poncho - will post an image when I'm finished.

Thanks for calling in today.