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Friday, 18 November 2016

Christmas Angels again !

Hi Everyone
As promised yesterday, I'm sharing more Christmas Angels. I decided to develop a range of sizes with a focus on how the Angels will be used ie a tree hanger or an earring component etc.
I also made a little display 'tree' - the Angels look so much better when they are hanging - I also wanted to develop a way of demonstrating (to my MAKING group) the different Angels designs. The little display tree is made from paper and reminds me, a little, of a carousel at the fair. 


The tiny Angels on the (bottom left) image (red/bronze coloured) will be earrings. I'm pondering the actual earring component to use on this one ? I'm almost convinced I'd like a small hoop style fitting. I'm not sure about the metal to use. I like the idea of using sterling silver when I can but I'm not sure how it will look with the bronze metal of the Angel. I will experiment.
The much larger Angel came about because I had some large wings (only 4) in my bead collection and wanted to use them. The final height of the Angel is 8cm and will certainly be a tree hanger ornament. I think, I've made enough Angels to adorn a little Christmas Tree (one of my original reasons for the development of the Angels) and will move onto the development of the tree. I'm considering giving it a gold spray coating ? 

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.
I'm excited about going to a Knitting Workshop on Sat. - will share my experience next week.